Hello! I'm Tina. 

I've been a graphic designer, web and information designer, UI designer, developer, you name it... *whew*. I'm open to new opportunities to stretch my skills and continue learning.  I strive to do what's best in the interest of users while understanding the cooperative nature that is development of software/apps.  I have a unique understanding of development since I've worked on both sides of the  wireframes. This includes dealing with 3rd party integration and design from the ground up.
I am always in a constant state of learning. Being an artist, designer, UI designer, front-end developer,  you name it there's always a cross over and something new to learn.  I love the idea of mixing traditional art and craft with 3D technology.  I'm learning to quilt and simultaneously trying to create quilts in 3D to allow for design testing for quilters.  This is how my brain works. 
The purpose of this site is to simply show where I've been and where I'm aiming to go. If this leads to new opportunities, I welcome the chance. If you want to talk, please contact me
Thank you!

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