More practice with Patterns
Sept. 28, 2020
Ok so I spent most of my time with modeling. I'm getting frustrated with Photoshop though and lighting. I may need to look at Dimensions to see if lighting presets can be exported. Getting some weird texturing artifacts too even though they're supposedly all scaled the same. Final rendering only shows the weirdness. Very annoying.
New Pattern Testing
Sept. 16, 2020
Played a bit with fabrics - the farthest on the right is jersey knit. I like how it hangs better than the cotton.
Sept. 15, 2020 
I started with what I thought would be an easy fun pattern of a unique cloth pouch, but what I learned is that all patterns require some tweaking when creating and clothes seem to have a more consistent thoroughness than crafty patterns. I'll need to figure out a better way to do these as trying to make them accurately did not end well. So I decided to start with some cute boutique kid clothes. This was far easier than the pouch believe it or not.  The pouch had darts in it and i'm not ready for that yet. Soon... I'll work on some box pouches next. I'd like to play with this some more trying different fabrics and textures.
Quilt and crafts
ah, the time of COVID. My life is already spent most of the time online and I work from home so pretty much when the pandemic hit, my life didn't change much other than having my family home with me. Trying to make lemonade from lemons, I had already signed up for Flourish, Bonnie Christine's surface pattern design course at the start of the shelter in place. I found that I enjoyed it immensely and looked for ways to incorporate this new found fun into a passive income that would support the habit so to speak. I have a weird knack for trying to find cruxes in my interests. Not horcruxes, but niches where my interests intersect which might allow me to pursue something whole heartedly. As with most artists, there's never enough time so one must choose to excel at one thing or be painfully lamenting never being able to throw oneself into a passion. 
In this case, my interest in the crafts crossing over with 3D modeling and shading presented a unique solution to a problem I see in the industry of surface pattern designers. The goal to sell your patterns usually is presented as flat designs with an attempt at mockups. Sometimes people go all out and get their patterns printed and make things with it. Resulting in a very expensive portfolio. My goal is to create quilt mockups where people can insert their designs into a ready made model where different patterns can be explored and presented and reused for presentation without a huge investment. From my research, fashion is a huge foothold in mockups and so the tools are there, just the application is slightly different. This is my documentation of my progress in creating a digital product that can be sold to other designers.
The above four pictures are my initial attempt first with cloth simulation, pattern assembly and then bringing that model into photoshop where most people will be able to use the file for their use. the second picture is a more practice shot where I experimented with more dynamic folds and lighting. (I really wish photoshop would import lighting set ups. The last 2 pictures show my latest progress which is the uniqueness of this sort of mockup. Freehand stitching on quilts is fascinating to me and something I'm not able to delve into physically, so why not digitally? The great part is the ability to switch out designs and maintaining folds, stitching and shadows without the work of creating quilts.

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