October 2, 2020
New month, new attempts. This last week, I decided to try some crafts modeling and what better than pumpkins? The image on the right is my first attempt using the cotton substance resource for the height, metallic, roughness, normal maps. I started back into substance designer to retry the quilt patterns. I altered a tutorial pattern and it had a silk/metallic sheen to the fabric. I only applied this to a few of the sections on the pumpkins and it's pretty obvious. I'll need to keep tweaking the quilting part as it shows up better on less busy patterns. Lessons learned, elastic and folds. 
Other things to note. I joined a quilting group to learn legit quilting so hopefully my mockups can look even more realistic.  Those backgrounds get a bit tricky. I'm also working on a new crafty model which should prove to be fun.  Other things to start paying attention to... scale. The models and the textures can vary and it requires a bit of tweaking. Also, the more metallic, the longer the render takes.

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