For the last few weeks we've covered lighting, animation , and building kits for AltSpace VR. My initial project consisted of an environment I found on SketchFab. I really like SketchFab for quick projects, but I find I spend a lot more time preparing the models I find for VR. They're not always VR friendly even though I know the creators are just really trying to make nice stuff. This has led me to the decision to try CG cookie. The VR pipline has an extra course for modeling but it's a bit out of my price range at the moment and teh style i'm looking to create most likely doesn't warrant this.

The Alchemy Lab
They encourage use of things found on assets sites like the unity asset store of Sketch fab, so I found some polygon skyboxes to go with my lab.
I think I have a good ability to find interesting projects. What I want is to start manufacturing my own :)
The Christmas Town
this is a small town where I used some models that had lighting and I had to work with it to match lighting on other buildings. This includes 2 animated snowmen and a kit full of presents, teddy bears and cookies.
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