This week's assignment was to build a world in AltSpaceVR using imported assets from SketchFab or the unity asset store.  I have a variety of both and learned quite a bit about how people do not know how to prepare their assets for other people to use.  I suspect that they like me are still learning and uploading to Sketchfab is someone else's assignment. This did teach me more though having to redo things like the materials and literally rearranging parts and reassembling them to fit with what I wanted. This also taught me that I really need to learn blender better in order to do my own modeling. Matching styles of models is quite difficult and then most modelers create kits versus actual environments and they never have all the things.

Credits for the assets:
Flower - karollinemac
Floral clusters - cjgladback
Flowers - Asset Factory
Mushroom - slytoot
Mushroom houses - Quirell
Stylized pine tree - 3Dev
Skybox - Boxophobic
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