Driver Project from Unity Learn

Plane Challenge from Unity Learn

I started my 38 week long VR development track this last week. So far so good.  The more I can ingest and do the easier this gets and I get inspired everytime I see work from people who work in this field professionally. 
Things I learned:
collision, time based movement, sourcing movement and location

I also managed to stumble onto this tutorial by the art director of one of my favorite cartoons Gravity Falls
Things I learned from the tutorial.... that tools are simply a means to an end and artists like to break the rules for the sake of the final. What I loved was the rough blender build out and then pulling it into gravity sketch for the more artsy feel and then further refining and photobashing of the textures. This was not a tutorial for you to make it yourself but a great insight into how the artist works through a given project. I will definitely be going into gravity sketch for practice at enhancing models.
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